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Welcome to REKTMode, the coolest place for those who want to play Roblox games and win rewards! Here, you can participate in exciting gaming tournaments, challenge your friends, and even enter contests in your favorite Roblox game. And guess what? If you win, you’ll get awesome prizes like free Robux and Roblox Gift Cards!

Imagine jumping into event-rich tournaments and competing in all sorts of exciting Roblox games. If you come out on top, you don’t just win, you win big – with free Robux and Roblox Gift Cards that you can use to get even more cool stuff in Roblox!

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How To Win Roblox Gift Card and Get Free Robux

Easy-peasy way to get free Robux
and win Roblox Gift Cards

Choose Challenge

Open REKTMode gaming tournaments, find the best challenge or competition for yourself, join and start playing! That's it!

Play Game As Usual

Just play a game as usual, we track all stats and scores automatically. Once you joined tournament, nothing is required from you, except to win!

Get Your Free Robux

You deserve a reward! Collect REKT points anytime you play and exchange them for free Robux or Roblox Gift Cards!

Draw $100 Roblox Gift Cards Each Week

Every weekend, we're giving away up to $100 in rewards to the players who win and participate the most in our tournaments. To have a shot at scoring free Robux and Roblox Gift Cards, join our Discord server and show your skills by playing and winning in our tournaments!
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Roblox Challenges That Available Anytime

Want to be the absolute best on our leaderboard? At REKTMode, we make it super simple with our fun challenges and tournaments. You can play them anytime, day or night, in almost any Roblox game!

So, why not join us? You can win free Robux and Roblox Gift Cards, and there's no funny business here. We play fair, we have epic matches, and we give away amazing prizes! Come have a blast with us!

Get 250 Free REKT To Play Roblox Challenges

Once you create an account, we grant you 250 REKT coins required to enter REKTMode challenges and tournaments. You can always purchase more or go Premium.
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Play Games with Your Squad

Running low on REKT? You can buy Premium to participate in REKTMode tournaments with no entry fees. Nothing can stop you from grabbing free Robux and other prizes.
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Play These Games And Win Roblox Gift Cards

Brand-new experience from playing Roblox tournaments and challenges, but not limited to Roblox.

Victim (Roblox)

Every victim leaves footprints...Kill a victim or escape from killers in our Roblox tournaments and challenges.

Join now, play Roblox tournaments and challenges, exchange REKT for free Robux or Roblox Gift Cards, and have fun with REKTMode.
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Maluvich is a browser-based drawing game that is integrated with REKTMode and supports automated challenges and competitions.

Show us how good you are at drawing by joining our branded drawing gaming challenges, tournaments, and competitions in Maluvich.
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